Shabby2Chic Furniture & Antique

Terms for renting a cabinet/space

Cabinets cost from 25.00 per calendar month and spaces start from 60.00 per month. On the day you begin selling with us the first months rent will be due and then on that date each month. Commission will then be taken on sales at 10%. Charges for card sales are covered in your rent and commission.

Should we agree to sell an individual piece for you in our area there is no rental and commission is 20%

All items for sale must be tagged by yourselves with your initials on the label and any description you wish to put on.

You are responsible for keeping your cabinet/area stocked and tidy

All areas will be photographed regularly and updated on our website and facebook group.

Sales will be written in a duplicate book and you will get a copy of  this which will be added up at the end of your calendar month and put in an envelope with your cash. Payments by card will be sent to you by bank transfer at the end of your month. Your next months rent will also be deducted at this time.

We reserve the right to decide if a piece is not suitable to bring in for sale.

Your stock is not covered by our insurance, you can get private insurance for fire and theft. CCTV is in operation and our history of shoplifting is very low. We advise that valuable items are locked away.

Should you wish to leave us we ask for one months notice on your calendar date when your payments are made and rent deducted.

Contact details – Paul 07505 102242 / David 07598 971950